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Can you say miracle soap? Our #1 seller, Oatmeal Acne Bar, is not just a bar of soap. It is not just another Acne treatment. It is the best acne soap you will ever try. We have the testimonies to prove it. We can not keep this soap on the shelves.

If you ever dreamed of healthy skin. If you have ever wanted to look like you had make up on because you skin was so even toned then you want to get this in your hands. We believe this is so good, we want even try to sell you on this. WE KNOW IT WORKS!

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  1. 2 out of 5


    ok so i have really bad acne im alayws stressed out and im self conscious i have EXTREMELY sensitive skin to i have tried all the big name brands but not clearasil yet and i have tried almost all of the home remedies and they haven’t worked and i asked my friends what they use (they have both really nice clear skin. one of my friends uses clearasil ultra rapid action daily face wash, clearasil ultra rapid action pads, and clearasil rapid action treatment cream it says your skin is supposed to be visisiby clearer in 12 hours. my other friend uses an all natural stress relief scrub with soothing ccucumber and green tea with camelli oleifera leaf extract, and flower extract i don’t know if the all natural one will be as powerful as the clearasil but i need most of my acne visably gonna in a week when i see my boy friend which one will clear by my acne up the fastest be honest i need to know honestly especially since i have tried every thing and nothing helps so do you think the clearasil ultra rapid action stuff that takes 12 hours to visable see clearer skin or the all natural acne scrub?

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