Naturopathic Medicine

Natural medicine is a field of medicine also know as naturopathy. The founding principles were discovered by the father of medicine Hippocrates. It a discipline that involves homeopathy, herbalism, acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage, diet and lifestyle. Before there were any medical doctors, naturopaths provided health and healing in the form of tinctures, potions, poultices, ointments and salves. We were taught to treat conditions through botanicals found on the earth.

Natural medicine evolved greatly in the 20th century with people going back to herbalism and botanicals after disappointments or terrible side effects from pharmacological drugs. Natural medicine systems aim to incorporate gentle therapeutic techniques involving the body, mind and emotions to aid the healing process.

The beauty about natural medicine is that it can be tailored to your specific needs or body chemistry. One size drug does not fit all. We all have unique body chemistries and we can’t prescribe drugs that are cookie cutter for every patient. Natural medicine focusing also focus on treating the whole person, instead of concentrating on a particular area or the patient’s ailment.

Your muscles, bones and nerves are interconnected and we exist in three parts: mind, body and soul. So when one area suffers, more than likely the other areas suffer,therefore when structures of the body system are aligned; the body is able to function optimally and support self-healing.

Natural medicine attempts to avoid anything that will suppress your body to do what it natural does. The aim is to restore balance so that the body can heal itself.