Can Vitamin C Treat Covid?  That’s an answer many of us want to know, but we do know that the evidence all points to the benefits of high dose Vitamin C in the treatment of Covid.  Vitamin C injections are approved for treating Vitamin C Deficiency.   How many of us are Vitamin C Deficient?  Probably the entire world, because we do not get enough in our diet, and believe it or not this, is not routinely checked by your doctor. We’ve all been told that Vitamin C boosts our immune system.  So, someone please tell me why this wasn’t our first line of defense?

How should you get your Vitamin C? Vitamin C is absorbed better than many other vitamins.  So getting it in your food source is great, but know that much of it is destroyed if it is heated up.  Also, Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin so your body uses and removes it quickly.  It’s not stored like Vitamin D.  But if you must take it in pill form you will only absorb a certain amount and you have to take it daily. Vitamin C injections and IV injections get delivered directly into the tissues or the bloodstream immediately.  Quickly bypassing the whole digestion process and gives you maximum absorption.   And if I have COVID-19.  I don’t have a lot of time to waste.   If you are high risk, one of my protocols includes a high dose of Vitamin C and Vitamin D.  Yes, liquid and pill supplementation DOES WORK!  But, now we are aiming at a moving target.  So now is the time to get it in an injection or through IV as a boost even if you continue with the liquid or pills.

Here’s why I like Vitamin C.  It helps our bodies to fight viruses and diseases that seek to harm our bodies.  It is a helper vitamin.  It helps to optimize your immune cells which are so highly needed in this virus. Vitamin C supports immune response, boosts T -cell activity, helps other cells kill pathogens, and helps to improve lung function and shorten disease recovery time.  I shouldn’t have to convince you to use this as a prevention and treatment.  You can’t beat the science of Vitamin C.   It’s been widely studied for centuries.  So GET IT!