At Laeh Shea Apothecary we believe that you should Love The Skin You’re In. We believe that what you put on your skin should be as close to what you put in your body. We believe what you put on your skin should be botanicals that are found in nature and not cooked up in a lab. Organics ingredients like water, plants, herbs, spices, oil are all apart of the organic landscape that we call nature.
We need to re-define what we call beauty and more specifically we need to demand more from the products we put on our skin. Did you know that natural or organic doesn’t mean that every ingredient in your product is organic or natural? Sadly, it may mean that one product is natural or organic in the formula and the manufacturer labeled it as such.
Much of what we can do to a product for skin is not regulated like the FDA. So manufacturers are allowed to produce inferior products. What would you think if I asked you to put a tea bag on your face for a facial or to add it as a toner? You would probably, think we’re mad. But, we have shown our clients and some of our patients that is exactly what it took to clean, treat and cure a condition.

I equally want to sound the alarm of saying that all things natural are good. Just because an ingredient is found in nature doesn’t mean it’s good for you nor are all the things made in a lab is bad for you. As a medical scientist, I can boast about many ingredients that are beneficial that have been discovered by scientist that are absolutely wonderful. There are many botanicals that have been extracted from nature and animals that have proven to be beneficial.