I’M GUILTY! I haven’t been so good at taking my seamoss for the past two weeks. Life Happened on my side of town! Unlike previous years, I have been locked and loaded for my sinus season. For the past 3 days I have dealt with the worst sinus headache, eye pain (get ICU Eyewear Collections from here) , and pressure. I’m reminded fall is here and it brings both the good and the bad. So what is sinus and how do you know you have it? Good question!
What happens to your Sinuses during Fall?
The air becomes dryer and cooler which makes hay fever prominent. Allergy symptoms appear and people complain of sinus headaches, eye pain, head pressure, and for my vertigo, sinus infections, and postnasal drip. You may confuse this with the cold and flu that comes before winter. The difference between sinus and allergies is that sinus is an irritation of the sinus cavities usually caused by a bacteria and allergies are allergic response activated by your immune system and your immune mistakenly will produce IgE antibodies to the allergen. The IgE then causes your body to produce histamine and other chemicals that are released into your bloodstream. The histamine is what causes your body to produce those allergy symptoms. For sufferers, you can experiences symptoms such as :
A runny nose
Head congestion
Scratchy throat
Loss of smell and taste
Swollen eyelids
Pain in the sinus regions (nose, forehead, jaw, cheeks, eyes)
Weak and tired feeling
Postnasal drip
Low-grade fever
Ear pain
Eye Pain or pressure
Skin Rashes
If you are having these symptoms you may be experiencing sinus or allergy problems. Natural treatments are taking seamoss, ginger tea, elderberry, mullein spices, ginger guice, and saline nasal flushes. I’ve found seamoss to be the most effective at drying out my sinus and the cough syrup we make at Laeh Shea Apothecary due to the strong dosage of ginger. (when I take it, lol).
Ginger Guice