1lb Unrefined, Grade A, Shea Butter, CRWI Certified


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This is for one pound of organic Shea Butter.  Laeh Shea is proud to offer  100% pure, unrefined, Grade A Shea Butter that has been lab tested and Certified by The American Shea Butter Institute since 2009.  As of 12/1/2017 our current supply is Grade A, certified by CRWI LAB, CLIA #11D10091183, Lab Director, Dr, Theresa Harris.

Laeh Shea 1lb unrefined, grade A, Shea Butter is the best butter on the market.  We provide premium Grade A  Shea Butter from villages that practice ethical trade and responsible harvesting techniques. All shea butter is not equal. Finding consistent quality of shea butter is a problem that plagues the shea butter industry. When you understand the dynamics of getting an organic product that is produced by hands and add human error or mother nature, shea butter texture, smell, color, and odor can change from one season to the next.  We have done our best since 2009  to get a consistent quality.  While we strive to use the same shea producers from the regions of Ghana and Burkina Faso, the product is still not produced consistently the same.  We believe in telling the truth.  For those that are saying that they have Grade A shea butter, ask for the current lab analysis certifying the Grade A.  This is typically what sets us apart.  In fact, for 4 months in 2016, we didn’t sell any shea butter because there was none in the entire country that was certified as Grade A.  For the year 2017, getting certified  Grade A was a challenge due to recent harvesting season.  Grade A is not a color or a smell.  Grade A is certified to be free of contaminants.  Contamination is a problem in African countries that produce shea butter as well as export to the US.  Since it’s not regulated, much of what reaches us cannot be regarded as  Grade A or premium.

Laeh Shea prides itself with using only Premium, Unrefined, Certified,  Grade A Shea  Butter.  When there is a shortage of Grade A, we will sell  Premium, Unrefined Shea Butter, but at a discounted rate.  Please note that this  Shea Butter will be Grade A in the manufacturing process,  but has not been lab tested.   We will highlight this if there is a time that this ever occurs. Dr. Harris partners with 20,000 female workers for the export of quality Shea Butter in Burkina Faso and the Ivory Coast. Most of these women have benefited from the teaching of Dr. Harris through the American Shea Butter Institute and her formulation book, Shea Butter Formulation 101.  Laeh Shea is proud to have boots on the ground in Africa to cultivate the best trade practices.


Current Shea Butter Batched  12/2017.  This is premium Grade A, certified through CRWI Labs.  Due to economic hardship, the Shea Producers have not certified their Shea Butter for lab testing through formerly ASBI.  The Shea Butter has been lab tested by labs in Africa that is not accredited here in the US.  CRWI  Certified Shea Butter has gone through the standards set forth to declare Grade A Certification.   I have personally visited the villages that produce my Shea Butter and am fully confident in their process of producing certifiable Grade A as they have done so since 2009.  These are the shea producers that were formerly ASBI certified.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused with purchasing pure Grade A Shea Butter.  Our lab is certified by the state and follow all standards for compliance.


Expiration Date:  Typically 24 months from batch date.