Black Soap Bar


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There are many African Black Soaps on the market and the difference in the soap quality lies in the preparation itself. The product is made by first burning leaves and barks of banana tree leaves, plantain skins, cocoa pods among others in a big pot or kettle. The ashes is then mixed with water and filtered out and this becomes your lye for soap. To this mixture, ingredients like coconut, palm and palm kernel oils, shea butter and cocoa butter are added to make the soap.

This process is very labor intensive as the mixture is hand stirred the for an entire day and then the soap is set out for curing for a period of 14 days approximately.

African black soap recipes are handed down from generation to generation, and you will find that each region has its own unique recipe for making the soap. For example soap made in the coastal areas has a higher percentage of coconut oil but soap made in the interior regions will have more shea butter.

Black soap is often referred to by a variety of names. One of the most common is Ose Dudu; ose meaning soap and dudu black. Black Soap is thought to treat acne, psoriasis, problematic skin, eczema and minor skin irritations.

Average bar 4 oz.

Instructions: To make a liquid facial cleanser or body wash, simply boil 1qt of water and place grated soap until dissolved. Let sit for 24 hours. Mixture should be good for 28 days.

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