Femi-Pen Organic Feminine Spray


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Feminine Cleansing just go easier. Introducing Femi-Pen. Do you wish to have discreet cleansing at your finger tips between meetings or leaving work and headed to yet another meeting?  The Femi-Pen is your answer to life’s simple questions.  Femi-Pen is discreet protection at its finest.  Our Femi Pen now comes with a refill bottle. These cute amazing little beauties can be placed in your purse for anytime you need that added protection from sweat or odor.  These are perfect for the gym and now available over the counter.  For those of you who are not comfortable talking about feminine health or hygiene, now  you don’t have to.  Pick up one of these for your girlfriends.  They will know what to do with them.

Femi-Pen is made with all natural ingredients.  Oils, botanicals, and the best in essential oils make this one of our premium products.  Once sold only in doctors offices and health stores is now available directly to you.  You’ve used the products with harmful chemicals that did nothing in the way of protection or health.  Now trust us to your feminine parts.