Handmade Traditional Soap



Handmade Traditional Soap.  The old fashion way.  We make our cold process soap with the best oils in mind.  It doesn’t take much to make soap, but we go the extra mile by making sure that the properties of the oils speak loud in the soap we make.  Authentic soap that is hand-batched with oils such as coconut, shea butter, rice brain, avocado, grapeseed, olive oil, jojoba oils are amazing when blended together.  Our soap is cured so that each bar last longer and feels skin-softening.

Due to our constant batching of soap, please contact us for the various scents that are in season.  You didn’t know that there was a soap season?  Of course there is.  Oils that are harvested in the spring or summer is completely different that those that are harvest in the winter.  There is some variations in the properties.  The healing and moisturizing fraction changes.  We don’t just make soap, we know the science.


Scents:  Charcoal Soap, Lavender, Honey Almond, Castille, Aloe & Olive Oil, Oatmeal, Oatmeal Lavender, Cherry Almond, Coconut Milk.


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