Men’s Fragrance


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We love shea butter so much we named the company after it. Laeh Shea was named after the healing properties of Shea Butter. “Laeh” the word heal spelled backwards is what our mission is as a company. To heal the skin disorders of the world with the miracle working power of shea butter.

In speaking with so many people who struggle with chronic itchy skin, dermatitis, embarrasing skin rashes, eczema, and psoriasis we are empowered to give your more than just a cream.

We have testimonies of how shea butter has changed the lives of many and it is our sincerest prayer that this cream helps you. Shea butter is our “Balm in Gilead” that we will use to become a voice for those who suffer chronically with unhealthy skin. The reason why our shea butter work is that we give you real shea butter not the 1% or 3% that many other products contain.

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