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I love Oil.  I love Oil.  There I said it.  Anyone that knows us at Laeh Shea Naturals, know that we hate lotion.  Well, not really.  But, we have a love/hate relationship with lotion.  You see lotion is  a mixture of oil and water.   And we all know that oil and water do not mix or play well together.  When deciding to use a lotion or an oil one must decide on the benefit that is needed.  Since oil and water do not mix an emulsifier must be used.  In most cases it is a wax.  Whether natural  or  synthetic, who wants to deal with a waxy build up? Most lotion fall at providing good moisturization which is why you have to  apply it a million times before you feel moisturized.  This is why I say, we are using the wrong prescription for our problem.  Most people use lotion for moisturization. Lotion is  not a moisturizing product. It is a hydrating product.  It has tons of water and very little oil (moisture).

We prefer oil or a cream.  So you won’t ever see a shea butter lotion in  our skincare line.  It’s just our belief not to do so.  Oil provides rapid moisturization and absorbency into the  skin.  All of which your skin needs in order to be healthy.  Our oil is a blend of some of the most skin loving oils.  We pride ourselves in  using the maximum amount of essential oils or fragrances that gives you long lasting scent.  In fact, most of our customers share that they are always surprised when someone inquires about what do they have on.  Only to realize that it is at the end of the day and someone can still smell the fragrant aroma from the walking by.  That’s a symphony of good perfume notes.

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