V-tox Vaginal Cleansing Bar.


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V-tox Vaginal Cleansing Bar is a hit.  We have all heard about detoxing.  It is something that we read in almost every diet magazine today.  You must detox your body before you can lose weight.  You must detox your brain before you can think clearly.  You must detox your every organ in your body to be healthy.  Well, at Laeh Shea Naturals we believe in detoxing your feminine parts.  The V-tox bar is also one of our best selling products.  Did you know that you should have two different types of soap for bathing?  The soap that you purchase out the store is too harsh for your femine parts.  Store bought soap contains many detergents that are never meant for that delicate area.  Feminine cleansing must be gentle and effective.

Laeh Shea products are made with sensitivity in mind.  We find some of the best ingredients and oils to put in our products to make them safe and effective.  We wouldn’t trust our products on no one else but the best of our customers.  We are fans of our own products and stand behind each and everyone.  So when we want feminine protection we look no further than the shelves where our inventory is rich in natural skincare products.  Our products are formulated by Dr. Harris who takes and makes her product still today by hand.  Each product is still made with love and care.