I’m a To-Do-Lister.  I have a list for my lists.  It’s something that I have done for years.  But, I must admit, lately, my lists are just things jotted down with no true action plan.  It’s great to have a list to command your day, but if, you have not  given those priorities a home.  They are just a list of words jotted down on a piece of paper.  So today, I WANT YOU TO COMMAND YOUR DAY!  Take control of it and tell your day what to do.  That’s the attitude that I have this Tackle The To-Do List Tuesday.

I am now semi-retired and due to the pandemic, my days are a little leaner in terms of all the many activities that I would do in the course of a day.  Today, I started my day with Intention. That’s the first discipline that you would need to Command Your Morning or Command Your Day.  I began with verbal affirmations today of what I would be successful in completing.  First on the list, was the grocery store, virtual schooling for “Noodle” and micro-blogging for you guys.  I knew that I wanted to share with you some of the tools that I have to keep me on task for all that I do.  I promise you there is not a week that goes by that someone doesn’t ask me how do I do so many things.  As I age, it’s getter harder and now that I have a new little one (Noodle) at home.  It’s even more of a challenge.  I’m a new mom at 51.

I create planners and organizers because I can never find just one planner that fits all of my needs.  So, I create things that make my life easier.  Here’s a free download that you can use if you want to COMMAND YOUR DAY!


If you have any trouble downloading, please email us at laehsheaapothecary@gmail.com